Case Studies

Our projects are where powerful ideas, provocative design and technical mastery meet to form a harmonious whole.

Breakfast at spec. – Aesthetic spaces for culinary experiences
The Breakfast at spec. studio animation demonstrates how 3D models can bring products to life beyond the constraints of physics.
BMW i8 Roadster – The start of an automotive revolution
We were allowed to contribute the motif for the market launch of the BMW i8 Roadster. We used CGI to develop a futuristic landscape, combining 3D scans of surfaces with real images.
Work Different - Visualizing a vibrant modern workspace
A different kind of coworking space. In order to support the marketing of WorkDifferent during their expansion phase, we went all-out with photorealistic renderings and VR visualizations.
Autoliv Pedestrian Airbag
City, dummy, car. For these product animations, we focused on the absolute essentials in order to effectively highlight the functionality of the Autoliv airbags.